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Doopity do [Sep. 20th, 2002|11:11 am]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Mad Caddies - Shut The Door]

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HEE! [Jul. 28th, 2002|02:40 pm]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |gigglygiggly]

Hehe, Shadow requested that I made a CIFA group picture using the CRYSTALFENIX.com style so I did. =)
Enjoy. ^^

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Random blink-182 factoids [Jul. 21st, 2002|08:21 pm]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |New Found Glory - Eyesore]

Courtesy of Tales From Beneath Your Mom, and my lack of a life =D !

The Meaning Behind 182
There is no actual meaning behind 182. It's a completely random number. But in interviews over the years, Mark and Tom have gotten a bit creative. Here are some of their explainations:

-Mark's ideal weight
-The number of miles between Mark's house and his girlfriend's.
-The number of Mark's grandpa's racecar
-The number of Mark's grandpa's boat in WWII
-The number of times Al Pacino says "Fuck" in Scarface
-The eighteenth letter of the alphabet is R. B is number 2. 18 + 2 = 182 = RB, or Rockerbabe Rancho Bernardo, where Mark and Scott lived for years

The Capers of Rick DeVoe* Part Two: The Lex Luthor Years
In 1996, in the midst of the Shitty Weather Tour, Rick DeVoe joined blink-182 for their first international show. The band was playing Quebec, Canada. The show was a huge success, and to celebrate, Rick had a couple of beers. Actually, he had a lot of couple of beers.

At the end of the night, Rick headed towards the merch table to see if kids were buying blink-182 cds and t-shirts. May of them were, but Rick was frustrated at those who weren't. As a bizarre, alcohol-induced saled tactic, Rick climbed on top of the table and started shouting at the departing kids.

"I am Lex Luthor, I am strong!" he yelled, though only Rick knows why.

When the kids seemed frightened and confused by Rick's behavour, he thought perhaps it was the language barrier. After all, these kids were mostly French speakers. So, in an effort to communicate, he tried another language, Spanish, which they don't speak in Quebec. The poor kids had no idea what the tall, skinny American was yelling at them. Frightened, all they could do was flee

*Rick DeVoe is blink's managerhuman

Band Pranks
blink-182 has a well-earned reputation for making life difficult for those who work with them, especially professional people like managers, tour managers, and record execs.

Some famous pranks have included:

-Using an MCA rep's e-mail account to send a companywide e-mail informing all employees that the sender of the e-mail would like to come out of the closet.
-Adding sexual lines to postcards sent to promoters and others in the music industry by Rick DeVoe.
-Changing one tour manager's outgoing message on the answering machine to include the line "I love men. Call me."
-Sabotaging tour managers' laptops and programming the computers to spew sexual language while booting up. Usually, when a tour manager boots up his computer, he is in a room full of promoters and other important people.

"Fellatamos" - Smug Magazine, Feb/March 2000
---Mark Hoppus conjugating Fellatio as a verb for "we all get blow jobs."

Hidden Extras in blink-182 videos
-All three bandmate's bedrooms in "M&Ms" are bedrooms in Mark's mom's house, the outside of which is not shown in the video.
-At the very end of the video, when the camera pans out over the empy club, a lone figure can be seen in the club. It's Anne, Mark's sister, wearing an alien mask. Seriously.
-In "Dammit," Mark accidentally trips the new boyfriend character when he stops to do his little jig mid-chase.
-The wacky concession stand employee is none other than blink-182 manager Rick DeVoe
-After mark pulls Tom's pants down at the concession stand in "dammit," Scott turns to Tom and mouths, "Hey, your pants fell down."
-Later, when the band is playing, Tom mouths to Mark, "I love you."
-In "Josie," the woman who plays Mark's mom is actually director Darren Doane's mother
-Though not necessarily visible, there are Star Wars references sprinkled throughout the "Josie" set. Both Mark and one of the crew members are huge fans of the movie. One reference is a school election poster supporting "Grand Mof Tarkin for School President."
-The khakis-clad dancers in "What's My Age Again?" had no idea the band would be running through naked. The surprise on their faces is real.
-Manager Rick DeVoe can be seen again at the end of the "All The Small Things" video as the naked man in the crowd of fans.

blink-182 Meets Bad Religion... kinda
Mark: "this was hallowed ground [Westbeach Studios in LA]. It was like going to church or something. Some of the greatest punk bands in the world had recorded there - Bad Religion, NOFX, Face To Face, Ten Foot Pole. We were in total awe"

To add to the sense of awe, Tom would actually record "Buddha" through Bad Religion guitarist Mr Brett's amp. The entire band felt somehow connected to genius. They felt even more connected when they accidentally broke one of Mr Brett's microphones. Oops.

-"I'm a ninja of the masturbatory arts" - Tom DeLonge

-Tom: "The video for 'All the Small Things' is awesome. Most importantly, we had a chance to laugh at other bands instead of being the band laughed at. Though I guess, technically, people are still laughing at us. ...I don't know. Shit"

-Mark and Tom acted in the CBS movie Shake, Rattle, and Roll as surf musicians Jan and Dean, and recorded a cover of "Deadman's Curve" for the TV movie soundtrack.

Tom's Thoughts on Life
"I just wanna see a UFO, really."
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Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |"Just Like A Pill" - Pink]

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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2002|08:09 pm]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

Don't fear the man that knows a thousand kicks but fear the man that practiced a kick a thousand times!
/me flex
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JOIN [May. 21st, 2002|10:00 am]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |311 - You Get Worked]

Dork For Sale
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2002|10:47 am]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Basket Case by Green Day]

Where is everybody?!
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DDD [Apr. 20th, 2002|11:09 am]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Reel Big Fish - Fuck Off Song]

HAPPY 4/20
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Mommy, Mommy! [Apr. 16th, 2002|07:55 pm]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Halo - Boy Band]

This site kick ass!
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Holy panties, Batman! [Apr. 13th, 2002|08:46 pm]
Caffeine Induced Freaks Anonymous
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |"Hopeless Case of a Kid In Denial" - Hellacopters]

...Come to think of it, I always wondered why Robin had no pants under his underwear.

Batman did the best he could as a superhero, but there's only so much you can do with no powers and a bunch of toys. If the Super Friends were fighting an army of robots, Superman would melt hundreds by looking at them, Samurai would tornado them into space, and Firestorm would turn the rest into pretty balloons. They always had to save one for Batman, though, who would spend five minutes working out a complicated pulley system with his batropes to tie one up, and hope it breaks when he bonks it gently into a wall. Thanks, Batman, we couldn't have done it without you. I guess it's better than Aquaman who usually fought robots by sticking his head in the nearest sink and pretending to be soap. I know that seems weird, but robots are pretty easy to trick.

Mr. T doesn't just beat up drug dealers and wear handy eating utensils, he's a very responsible apartment manager. Instead of fixing a plumbing problem, he'll tell you you smell like flowers. And if your heater stops working, he'll grab your ass and tell you it tastes like chicken.

Click on above image for a page of Useless NES Power-Ups

The Stupid Comics Page! Be sure to check out the Legion Of Shitty Villians. Who knew they'd even think of making a villain with a name like The Rainbow Raider? WTF?

The Incredible Crash Dummies - one of The Ten Worst Ideas To Make Nintendo Games About

Here's another one of the TWITMNGA. A game called Sunday Funday.

From left to right: You, beast lady, peach, banana. The banana makes you slip, the peach explodes, and the old lady will try to kill you. This is unusual since in most neighborhoods around churches, the mass murdering ladies try not to eat children in broad daylight. It's because when someone looks out the window and sees a lady with a 4 foot face pull a kid off his skateboard and kick the crap out of him, there's a number they can call to report it.

"Okay, I'll get there soon, bit--what? Did you just say something about plumbers trying to stop me from getting to church? Lady, if you have knowledge of a plumber kidnapping conspiracy, maybe you should call the authorities instead of giving me imaginary lectures."

Thanks, Nintendo Power. You fucking ruined this kid's life.

- SeanBaby.com (This site is intended for people over 18, but only because kids shoot each other if they hear the word "fuck.")

...I really should go look for something better to do.
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